Start a blog they said. Write about how you live and breathe the world of fro-yo they said. Well, fine. I will.


Since April 2012, I have been the general manager here at the Champaign location of tcby. I’ll be honest- when I first accepted the job, it was an awesome opportunity but it didn’t seem like my “dream job”. At that time, I hadn’t really eaten a lot of frozen yogurt, nor was I very familiar with the self serve concept. There are two other “self serve” fro yo shops here but both incredibly inconvenient to someone who lives on the far west side of Champaign. So, I accepted the position and began the course to where I am now. First stop: corporate training.


All good managers/owners spend a week in Salt Lake City, Utah at the corporate office and learn everything there is to know about frozen yogurt and tcby. And that, I did. Let me tell you- it was like going to church camp. I came home a changed woman. I. Love. Frozen. Yogurt.


There are so many things that I have grown to love about this business, my store, my employees, my customers… and this entry begins the trek of me telling you about all of those things….