Every Monday night at TCBY, Lauri, her daughter Mary, and Rhonda come in after a trip to the gym. They see it as a healthy reward after all their hard work. Jeannine comes in once a week for her 2 pints of White Chocolate Mousse (and gets some sprinkles to go on the side ;). Every day, Linda, the owner of Villardos (next door) comes in and gets her favorite Greek Honey Vanilla as part of her healthy lifestyle diet. (Congrats, Linda, on losing over 10 lbs!) We get customers like these ladies in every day. It’s these customers that make our day here as employees amazing. They are what we as a store are all about, after all.
I bet you didn’t know that we are also all about Superman. “Superman” is 3 years old. He tells Clair and I the best stories about his heroic adventures with Spiderman and the gang. How he has time for all of those daring feats between naps and Nickelodeon we aren’t quite sure… Superman is the perfect gentleman. He knows that the true hero recycles, which is why he likes to wear his empty yogurt cup on his head. Who knew? Yogurt container AND ultra-protective superhero helmet!
Next time you come in and visit us, tell us about yourself, about your day! Maybe you’ll become one of our new favorite customers ☺ And, if you see Superman, make sure you give him a smile and a wave to let him know how well he does protecting this, his small town of Fro’ Yo.