Going to training in Salt Lake was an awesome experience. It was the first time I had ever been there and it is such a beautiful city. Growing up in the Midwest, where the word “flatland” was invented, I just can’t seem to ever get past the awe of mountains. And in Salt Lake, they are everywhere you look.


I began my training in a classroom learning the ins and outs of all things fro yo and then day two we moved to the stores. The training staff was amazing. I couldn’t understand initially why everyone was SO excited about frozen yogurt. I quickly learned why. It is a rare occasion that you don’t deal with happy, smiley people every day. I mean, it’s a fun concept; it’s a cool experience and man, does it taste good!


We spent most of our training time working in two different stores in the Salt Lake area and got a real feel of what it would be like in our own stores. I think my favorite thing about all of this is the fact that we are the bright spot in people’s days. Whether they are celebrating, trying to better a yucky day or just satisfying a sweet tooth- we are what makes people happy. I challenge ANYONE to try to leave here in a worse mood then you arrived in! One of the things I definitely took from training was the staff attitudes in both stores. Everyone was super friendly and helpful and personable. All things I’m pretty good at and that made me excited to be able to utilize those things in such a fun natural setting. One of the things I have gone on to instill in my employees is exactly that. I take pride in saying I have some of the best employees with awesome personalities. I think THAT is what makes the whole new self serve concept awesome.


In a society where so many people are disconnected or have their faces buried in technology and smart phones, this is an experience where you really have a chance to interact and have fun with customers. The best parts of my days are coming home and telling stories about the lady who just had her baby; or the guy who just got a promotion; or the kids who got A’s and are being rewarded. That is what we are a part of: Life’s best experiences. And that’s my favorite part.