Megan McKenna is from Oregon visiting Champaign for a business trip. Her friend, Anne, drove all the way from Chicago to visit her. They both decided to come to TCBY last night for some delicious Fro’Yo’!

As some know, we have bacon as a topping choice for Fro’Yo’. A lot of people think that this is one of the weirdest toppings a person can choose from. Well Megan thought that same exact thing when she saw it.

I asked Megan if she’d like to try it and, of course, she didn’t want to. After a couple of times of asking her, I finally got her to agree on trying the bacon on some Fro’Yo’. I filled a sample cup with chocolate yogurt and sprinkled a little bit of the bacon on top. Megan was a little hesitant at first to try it, but as soon as she had it you could see right away that she enjoyed it! So, if you’re thinking of stopping by TCBY don’t be afraid to try the bacon on some Fro’Yo’! It’s surprisingly delicious!