My niece, Ashley, has to be one of the biggest TCBY fans.  She’s 12 and lives 35 miles away so she’s constantly begging my sister to drive her to Champaign so she can get her fro yo fix.  They do come every Thursday afternoon and usually once over the weekend.  Her favorite fro yo flavor is Peanut Butter, which gets me in major trouble when we’ve switched a new flavor in it’s place.  But she keeps coming back!


Ashley takes our old flavor-of-the-the month posters and has them displayed above their fireplace in the living room for all to see.   Check out the very cool painting hanging on the west wall of our store done by Ashley.  It’s so cool  to see kids become passionate about something and the creativity that comes from that passion.  She’ll probably grow up to be a famous painter and the TCBY painting will be worth millions…but regardless it’s priceless to me that she took the time to create it and is allowing us to hang it in the store.